vSphere Performance

I have done a blog series about collecting and displaying performance metrics from a vSphere environment with tools like PowerCLI, InfluxDB and Grafana.

Part 1

Part 2 – Retrieve data

Part 3 – Get-stat

Part 4 – InfluxDB

Part 5 – The script

Part 6 – The Dashboard(s)

Part 7 – More data

Part 8 – Wrap-up and next steps


Extra – Some InfluxDB gotcha’s

Extra – Running Grafana on Openshift

Extra – Monitoring VMware vSAN


The PowerCLI scripts that are used to collect the metrics are found on GitHub


At VMworld Europe 2018 I did a session based on this series which was recorded. Check this post for more information and link to the recording


Hopefully the series can give you some ideas and inspiration on how to do performance monitoring in your environment