vSphere Performance data – Part 3 – Get-stat

This is the Part 3 in my series on vSphere performance data.

Part 1 discussed the project, Part 2 was about checking the methods of retrieving data and ended with me realizing I would use Get-Stat against all (4000) VMs to retrieve data.
Part 2 was posted over a month ago as I have been busy preparing for the VCP 6.5 DCV exam (which I passed btw) as well as upgrading/migrating our vCenter servers, but I have actually been able to do a lot of work on this project as well so there will be some updates in the next couple of days.… continue reading

Differences and bugs in Windows 2016 Task Scheduler

I’m using the Scheduled Tasks functionality in Windows Server quite extensively. I have tasks for importing stuff to a database with Powershell scripts, running some cleanup scripts etc

Almost all of my scripts run on different intervals during the day. Some maybe just once a day and some might run every x minutes.

Recently I encountered a difference in the way Scheduled Tasks work on Windows Server 2012R2 (and below) and on Windows Server 2016.

Say I have a task that should run every 5 minutes, all day every day. In 2012R2 and below I would set up a task to start at a certain date/time, set it to be on a Daily schedule and then select the “Repeat task for xx ” checkbox.… continue reading

vSphere Performance Data – Part 2 – Retrieve data

This is part 2 of my vSphere Performance Data series. Part 1 described the project and my goals with the project.

This post will be my thoughts on retrieving performance data from our vSphere environment. As I described in part 1 our environment consist of 100+ hosts and 4000+ VMs. These are hosted in 3 different vCenters in the same SSO domain (Enhanced Linked Mode). All hosts and vCenters are at version 6. We are in the process of upgrading vCenter to 6.5 as I’ve talked about in a previous post.

Currently we are using Turbonomic in our environment which also retrieves performance data from the vCenters that it uses in it’s main purpose which is to balance the load in our environment.… continue reading

Orphaned files

A colleague asked if I had a script lying around that could investigate datastores and find orphaned files.

Well, I didn’t. But instead of spending a lot of time creating one from scratch I went to our friend google and searched. There were lots of results, but I found one from Powershell guru LucD (lucd.info) and stopped searching.

The script and instructions are found here: http://www.lucd.info/2016/09/13/orphaned-files-revisited/

Be aware that the script, or more precisely a VMware VIM method that the script uses, is relatively slow.… continue reading