Upgrading to HPE OneView 4.1 – Failed!

After the release of the new and shiny version 4.1 of HPE OneView we have tried to upgrade one of our (smaller) OneView instances.

The update process is usually quite straight forward and it gets better in every release. The upgrade to 4.0 from 3.x had some issues with certificate handling post-upgrade, but it was manageable.

The upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 should not be affected by the same so I had great hopes about a smooth upgrade.

After reading up on the Release notes and Install/upgrade instructions we proceeded with the upgrade process. We are upgrading from 4.0.07.

First of is to do a backup of the appliance.
This failed on our appliance, and still did after a reboot. We decided to take a VMware snapshot of the appliance and proceed with the upgrade (please note that a snapshot is not supported by HPE support as a backup option). The update failed as well and we logged a support ticket.


We did a remote session with L2 support, and the technician cleaned some old log files etc, and we verified that we could do a backup. We proceeded with a new upgrade but the update failed again, at the same stage as before “Update operation failed while upgrading database”.

I’ve updated support with this and hope they can find the issue for us. I will update the blog post when we get this resolved.


Update 31/08:

I finally got a fix from HPE support. A bin file to upload as an update to the appliance prior to the actual 4.10 update. This fix did the trick and we’re now running 4.10!


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4 thoughts to “Upgrading to HPE OneView 4.1 – Failed!”

  1. Hit the same issue yesterday on two instances running 3.10.07 going to 4.1 … would be curious to know if you ever got resolution to this yet?

    Thank you!

    1. Still not resolved.
      Last update from support came a few days ago. Seems they have a fix soon, I’ve uploaded some more information from my environment that they wanted to test the fix against.


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