OneView crash – Error in log file content

This weekend our primary OneView appliance crashed.

This particular OneView appliance handles 10 blade chassis and over 120 blade servers

As OneView handles only the management side of the hardware nothing in production was affected by this crash.

TLDR; There is a bug in version 3.10.04 which doesn’t delete expired sessions. This is fixed in version 3.10.07

A few troubleshooting steps was taken initially.

  • First we restarted the appliance, it took a while but it stopped when loading it’s resource managers and threw the same error
  • We also gave it some more CPU’s and more RAM to see if it was a resource issue, after powering on the VM it eventually threw the same error

Unfortunately we are not doing backups of the appliance from OneView.… continue reading

Some InfluxDB gotcha’s

If you’ve followed my vSphere performance data blog series you probably have noted that I used InfluxDB as the database for storing the performance data.

With over 4 months of performance data in the InfluxDB I’ve picked up some gotcha’s along the way (there’s probably more lying around which I’ve not come over yet).

In this blog post I’ll outline what I’ve learned so far

(Save) Disk space

One of them is of course, and this is an obvious one, the amount of data and the corresponding disk space needed to store it.

Although InfluxDB is very good at compressing your data and saving a lot of space doing that it depends on you to do the right choices on how you write your data.… continue reading